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*All Breed Dog and Cat Grooming

Full Service Salon

*Preventive Dentistry

Teeth Scaling

Teeth Brushed

*Nails Trimmed

Nail Grinding

Nails Polished

*Ears Cleaned And Plucked

*Deshedding Treatment

*Anal Glands Expressed

*Flea Treatment


*Medicated Baths

*Premium Shampoos

and Conditioners

*Massage Therapy

*Holistic Spa Care

*Premium Quality Pet Products and Supplies

*All in a clean, pleasant, stress-free environment


A Mini-Groom ( Shape-up) includes: body massaging bath, anal gland expression, hair drying and fluffing, nail clipping, ear cleaning and plucking, trimming of the hair on the face and feet, a sanitary clip, and cologne, bows, or bandanas.

A Full Service Groom includes all the services of a Bath, Brush and Trim with the addition of a breed specific haircut or a customized clip according to your dog’s specific needs.

 The Polaris Pet Salon Grooming Procedure

Initial consultation with Groomer

Consultation with your groomer begins with an evaluation of your dog's teeth and gums, which indicates a lot about your dog's health. Your groomer determines, based on your dog's coat and your input, what is the best shampoo for your dog's health and look. We offer over six types of all natural shampoos including Oatmeal, Hypo-allergenic, Flea, Whitening and others all designed to create a healthy and beautiful dog. Your groomer works with you to decide what type of style will work for your dog.

Pets are housed in safe environment, which includes relaxing music

Our facility is designed with you and your pets' comfort in mind. All grooming is done in the same room that your pets are housed. We are with them at all times. Our facility is clean and stylish, and it's even clean-scented.

Brush out and pre-bath trim

Dogs are brushed. Pads, feet and hygiene areas are trimmed.

Bathed using all natural and specialized shampoos according your pets needs

You and the groomer determine the right shampoo. All shampoos, even specialty shampoos, such as oatmeal, flea or even hypo-allergenic shampoos are available. 

Ears and eyes are cleaned and glands are expressed

Ears are flushed and cleaned with natural cleaning solutions, and eyes are wiped with medicated pads.

Nails clipped and smoothed

Nails are clipped and/or delicately smoothed.

Dried and brushed again

All dogs are fluffed and blow-dried by hand.

Trimmed (if applicable)

We specialize in AKC clips for your Pedigree and creative styles for your mixed breed. Most important we create what you want.

Bow and treat given with your approval

We love to give your dog a bow and a treat if it is OK with you. (This is one of our free extras!)

Dogs staying more than 4 hours are given a brief walk

For an extended stay, your dog will be walked one at a time, around our exercise yard.

Post-Groom consultation

When you pick up your pet, we will discuss any problems that may need to be brought to your attention such as hot spots, dry skin, fleas etc.

*Please call for a price quote. Prices quoted are for breed standard size for pure breeds. Mixed breed prices are determined by size, hair type, condition, and type of groom. Most dogs can be trimmed to your liking as we do “custom cuts”!


Prices Include Nail Trim And Ear Cleaning. Extra Charges For Difficulty And Severe Matting May Apply.

*Additional charge for thick coat/excessive undercoat


Cat grooming is currently available by appointment. Your cat groomer is Shannon Robbins. Shannon has groomed in salons in the Columbus area and has a gentle and calming touch with cats. She regularly attends animal behavior and cat grooming seminars to make your cat's visit as pleasant and stress free as possible. Cat grooming options include bath and comb-out for short to long hair cats, and full "lion cuts". 

Prices Include Nail Trim And Ear Cleaning. Extra Charges For Difficulty And Severe Matting May Apply . 

*Extra charges for matting /excessive undercoat


Skunk Bath $15.00

Hot Oil Treatment $10.00

    Stimulating treatment that invigorates your pets skin and coat.

Flea Bath $9.00

Medicated Bath $6.00

All Specialty Shampoos $3.50


Bright White

Special Dark

All Natural


Teeth Brushing $11.00

Keep your dog's teeth clean and their breath

fresh. Canine dental hygiene is a large factor

in your pet's health. Teeth cleaning removes

tartar and helps prevents gingivitis for a life

long smile.

Flea Treatment $15.00


Nails Polished $15.00

Choose Your Favorite Color

Add-On Massage $10.00

15 minute deep muscle massage. Great for older or special needs pets. Treat your pet to the same relaxation that you feel after a massage. $10.00 per 15 minutes.

Deshedding Treatment $5.00 - $15.00

     Love your pet, hate the shedding?

Polaris Pet Salon offers a shed less treatment for both short and long haired pets. Check out for more details!

Ala Carte

Dry brush-out per 1/2 hour $20.00

Nail trim/grind $11.00

Ear pluck/clean $6.00

Anal gland $11.00

Misc. Trimming $6.00 - $15.00

*Prices quoted are an estimate. All pets are evaluated on an individual basis. Additional charges may apply for biting/difficulty, excessive coat and matting, long/scissor trims, and larger than average sizes for a breed type..



$25.00 in addition to regular grooming price

Aromatherapy Bath

Soothes pets with calming lavender scent

Deep moisturizer / Hot “oil” treatment

Soothes itchy skin and makes coats ultra soft

Teeth brushing/Breath freshener

Doggy breath? no problem!


Invigorating water massage soothes muscles, stimulates skin


A very special Blueberry Facial will relax and rejuvenate


Peppermint foot bath to soothe tired, itchy feet

Nail Polishing

Pick your favorite color

Allow The Polaris Pet Salon to make your dog’s next grooming experience a pleasurable one. Contact us today to inquire about our services or to schedule an appointment.


*Just a reminder that we are booking up very quickly. We are very busy and do appreciate our customers, but keep in mind that we can only groom a certain number of cats and dogs each day. If you know that your special friend will need to be groomed in a month or two, make your appointment now. We also suggest that you reserve your next appointment when you pick your pet up from grooming. The Polaris Pet Salon is growing very fast and we want to keep everyone happy, so please plan ahead and make your reservation. Thank You!

* Polaris Pet Salon requires that all pets must be current and up to date on yearly vaccinations in order to ensure the safety

and health of all pets.

*We offer special care appointments for puppies, aged and disabled pets and cater to the special needs of "the difficult

dog". Please consult with shop owner or groomer prior to scheduling an appointment.

In addition to our grooming services, we offer a variety of grooming supplies, toys, collars, leashes and treats.Click on the "PRODUCTS" tab to view.


                                                                  WE GROOM 'EM ALL!

The Polaris Pet Salon

8814 S. Old State Road

Lewis Center, Ohio 43035

Phone: 740-833-6027

Fax: 740-833-6027

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